How AdMob works?- how to earn money from admob

Hello friends, how do you expect all of you to be okay today we have to talk about how Admob works, how many people do not know what is Google Admob, so I have given you this article What is Google Admob? If you want information, then keep doing the article.

What is Google Admob

Google Admob is a Google product that is an advertising company. Its job is to display an add-on on the application such as an ads blog, website, show an ad on YouTube, admob shows an ad on the same application, and now Adcom has become a huge mobile advertising company. More and more App Developers use Edmab to make money from their app. Here you get a lot of cpc, and nowadays, adobe flows Finance has become popular

How Google Admob Works

Friends Google Admob also works like adsense where the company makes its products advertise and admob shows the advert on your application which sends money to Admob, and then from Admob 60s 70 Gives up the money and keeps 30% of its own and gets money in two ways

click – If someone clicks on your add, you will get the money from that click if seen in Bo Aid India, it will be less if seen in any other country, more money will be received, and all the clicks are worth the money. Is different

Impressions – If your ad just does not click on anyone who clicks on it, then you will get less money for that impression as the money gets more money from the impression

What to do to create a Google Admob account

First of all, I would like to tell you if you want to create a Google Admob account, you should first have an adsense account, which is why whatever you earn in adobe, you will get your bank account through adsense. If you do not have an account, then it is a good thing if you do not have it, then you should make an account in the first place. After that, make an account of Adobb after which you will have to Not will not have any trouble

How much can Google Adobe Account make?

Let me tell you that once a person can create google admob, adsense account once, once the account becomes disabled, then the name can not be rewritten in the name of the name, so keep your account always protected from invulnerable activity.

How to Earn Money from Google Admob

The job of Google Admob is to show an add-on application and you get the money. Instead of earning money from you, you should have an application. Only then can you earn money from here. Nowadays people earn lakhs of rupees by applying adobe on the application. You can also build your application or build on the App Developer

How Google Admob Gives Money

It also gives adsense money as much as you earn in admob, all the money you spend in your adsense account, therefore it is necessary to have an adsense account that becomes 100% in your account so you can get it in your bank account. is

If you do not know about adsense, then I have written an article about Adsense in which I have written a good article about Adsense, if you definitely fall in that article, you will understand about Admobe. I have given the link below.

What is Google Adsense? – How to Earn Money from Google Adsense

In today’s article, I told you how Admob works? – How to earn money from Admob, hopefully you have come to understand that if you have any problems at the admob account or anybody, then you can comment and tell You can do his best to give him a reply, so that you do not have any problem, if you like it then do not forget to share your friends



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