How to earn money from uc

Hello friends will tell you today how you can make money from uc news, give you complete information about this app, what is it, and how you can earn money from friends. Nowadays there are many websites on the internet that will be with you Do not pay money, so, whatever information you have on your website, will be the real information, which will benefit you. Uc news is also a good website that gives you money

what is uc news

uc news is an app that gives you the news, sometimes you should have it. You can write your article by creating your blog and it gives you money to write an article which is very good and real. Write money online

How to create an account on Uc news

If you want to create an account on uc news then you will have to go to the official website of uc news. You can go to to create your account. After going to, you will have some such interface. You can also create an account with Google, but you can create an account with Google, after signing in to Google, you have to enter all your information on it, which I have described step by step

  • You enter your account name here
  • Select your category If you want to write an article on the technique, you can select the technical category and you can also change it later.
  • Select your language
  • Enter your account operator name here but you can choose any of your names here.
  • It is very important to enter a PAN card number
  • And upload a photo of the PAN card

After providing the complete information, your account will be played in the review for 7 days. If you have given all your information right then your account will be uc, when we check the media, your information will not be misinformed.

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How to earn money from uc news

uc news is an app where you can upload news article here but you have to go to uc news and create an account in it, after which you can upload any article on the shading, even if you have all the news reports Whether or not it has been written in English or Hindi, it depends on you

On this, uc news gives you money to write an article, and whenever you publish the article, it shows the flow of advertising in that article, and many companies give advertisements on it, which gives money to uc news And pay those money uc news gives you money, you just have to publish the article and if you write a good and yourself, then you can earn a lot of money

We just need to monitor your articles on the Media Media Dashboard, but there is a condition to do this, you have to have 2000 views on a public article and your account should be 7 days old.

Whenever you publish articles on the media, we are valid if you have written the article in accordance with its terms, then only the flow will be approved by your article, and as soon as you are able to monitor and publish the article Will start. This, your income starts coming soon

The amount you earn from Uc news is given in your account between 26 and 28 days, you can easily withdraw your money.


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