What is a Backlink ? Why it is important for SEO rankings

What is a Backlink? People who are new to blogging, people do not know what is backlinks and many people do not even know how many types of it are. If friends want to rank your website,

then you have to backlink You should have complete knowledge about it, then you will be able to rank your article in Google, but the new bloggers who do not pay attention, do not pay attention. On Nk and their article rank becomes very difficult

In this article, you have complete information in this article about how many backlinks are backdated and what is backlink, if you want information about it, then keep on doing the article reading

What is a backlink

Internal links –

What is done in the friends that you are writing a new article, in which you have a link to your old article, then we call it an internal link. It gives the benefit of this,

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that your new article is a user, If you give a link to your old article, then through the link, you will also get old articles of yours, you must definitely do this by increasing your traffic,What is a Backlink

External link –

In it, you link the link to any other website’s article in its article, it is called ‘external link’, it has the advantage that the domain authority of that website is more than that which is more than the ranking of your article Chance is that any other website you inserted in the article should be highlighted by your article.

How many types of backlinks are there-

Dofollow backlinks –

These are Dofollow backlinks which work in the same way, from one link to another website, but this means that backlinks are considered to be very good backlinks. It is very important for the backlink website. The more Dofollow backlinks on the website, the better

Suppose you have a post, its link is placed on the link of any other website in your post, so if you get a backlink then very power will be full, we call it Dofollow backlink.

Nofollow backlink –

This backlink book also works from one link to another website, but it does not consider Google to be a very useless backlink because it is made on a comment on another’s website,

it is considered to be very worthless for the backlink website. This is as good as your backlinks on the website, and if you make more of the nofollow backlink then you will also lose the ranking of the website.

Conclusion –

You should make a backlink of all your articles so that the flows are ranked in Google, one thing is certain that some people keep backlinking their website’s,What is a Backlink

home page but you do not have to do this like the post you want to rank So make as much backlink as possible so that your post ranks quickly, friends, I have explained to you well, hope that you have understood the people

How do you like the article and what do you think about the backlink you can write in the comment and if you have any reason then you will comment, you will get reply,What is a Backlink ? Why it is important for SEO rankings



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