What Is a Domain Name?-

Hello friends, today we have talked about a lot of people about the domain that do not know what the domain is and how the domain should be taken, why bay people are new to this field and they have very little information, so in Today, you will be told what is the domain name and you can buy it from the food if you want the information, keep doing the article, here you will be given all information, What Is a Domain Name

What is a domain name

Friends, you may have seen a lot of websites behind that .com, .in, .net are called the same domain, like if you explain them in a simple language, such as my name for this website is ItechRaja.com The .com in the last is what we call a domain and the domain is very much hopefully you have to understand that what is a Domain Name

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What is the top label domain?

Domains are all the same but some of the domains consider Google to be very good and are quickly ranked on Google like .com .net .in and which are considered to be the best domain, .com but all of these It does not matter which country you want to rank your website, like if you want to rank in India, you can take .in and, if you want to rank your website fast in us then you can can take

If friends tell you the right thing, then the domain’s website ranking makes a difference only if you work hard only then you can place your website on Google.

How many days the domain is valid for

Friends do not have any expiry date for the domain name. How many years can you buy the domain if you have purchased for 1 year, then you have to renew if you renew it before its expiry. You can buy the domain for any number of years you never forgot to redeem the domain. If you do this then anyone can do BUY to your domain if you do not renew soon.

Where to buy domains

Nowadays there are many websites that provide tomorrow, at very low prices, you can buy domain from shedding, but friends whenever you take a domain, take care of the domain from the same website, which is a very good website, so that you can There is no problem at any time,

there are many websites that provide you with a very cheap price for one year, but whenever you renew the domain, the price is very high. Land that you have to renew at the same price in the domain later, so keep the mind

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If you want to buy domain then you will be able to tell you about some website from which you buy the same domain in the domain itself, of all you would like to tell that you buy from the domain godaddy, you buy it at a very low price There are also many websites that provide the domain

  • Namecheap
  • Godaddy
  • Bigrock

Friends, today I have told you what is the domain name, how many types of domains, I hope you have not come to any conclusions in this article. If you have any reason then you can write in the comment that you If you get information in the article, you do not forget to share it.



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